What are the Benefits of using Hemp Wick?

Many people have asked themselves, what are the benefits of using Hemp Wick? There are a few speculations as to the true healthier way of smoking weed; traditional lighters or hemp wick? As far as I’m concerned, there is no question. I can taste and smell the difference between the two and hands down the hemp wick does not influence the terpenes like butane does, thereby less affecting the herbs flavor. Lighters, especially the cheaper ones do not entirely burn off all of the butane gases because it simply never gets hot enough to. Meaning you inhale at least a little of the butane that’s left over. Check out our lists if you’re looking for the Best Hemp Wick, or Best Hemp Wick Dispenser.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

Hemp does not burn at high temperatures like lighter gas does thereby creating a cleaner and less harsh hit which will be easier on your lungs. Also, since hemp does not burn at as high a temperature it may be possible that is destroys less cannabinoids than the lighter does therefore making you a bit higher. I’ve read a few reviews where some have said the hemp wick was a pain to use and I simply cannot see how that is so. I have been using strictly hemp wick for over three months and you won’t find me burning flower with anything else. The wick is sticky (but not sticky to the touch) so it wraps like a dream around any lighter so it doesn’t over-complicate the process at all. You light the wick with the lighter and then transfer the flame to your bowl and start pulling. Hemp allows for a much more precise and controlled burn unlike a lighter which can torch the top of the whole bowl. While I am finishing my hit, I tap the wick repeatedly back and forth on the bong or bowl to put out the flame or you can blow it out with your exhale. We are exposed every single day to thousands of chemicals and unnatural substances so why not eliminate one source of toxins with this easy and natural switch to hemp.

Hemp wick is typically made with organic hemp and beeswax. I have seen a couple other methods for creating it, but that is the most common. I have seen hemp wick made in a couple different thickness sizes usually affecting how slow it burns. The thicker hemp wick with more beeswax used usually burns slower and lasts longer. I have seen a couple options for vegan hemp wick but they aren’t available everywhere. Using hemp wick is a great way to clean up your smoke session overall.