How to Dab Wax and Cannabis Concentrates

how to dab wax

If you searched “how to dab” trying to learn how to do a dumb dance that looks like you’re sneezing, you’re in the wrong place. Dabbing cannabis concentrates can be a bit of an art depending on the equipment you use. It can take practice to dab at the correct temperature and avoid wasting your wax. There are a few different methods for dabbing and in this we will discuss the most common. If you’re looking to step up your getting high game, you may want to jump right into dabbing concentrates.

How to Dab

Dabbing on a Nail

how to dab concentratesProbably the most common method for dabbing is to use a dab rig with a dabbing nail. A rig is basically a water pipe that can support a dab nail, but most bongs have attachments that can be used. You use a blow torch to heat the nail typically hotter than you use to dab. If you heat your nail til it starts to get red hot you should wait to dab on it. A red hot nail will burn your dab and potentially expose you to harmful toxicants. Check out this article if you’re looking for information on the best dab temps. There are different types of dab torches that can be used, but a lot of kitchen torches work well to heat your nail. You can use a carb cap for your nail to maintain the heat and help you consume more efficiently. Not all nails support or need a carb cap. However using a carb cap can make taking low temp dabs easier.

1. Use dab tool to prepare Concentrate for dabbing.

2. Use dab torch to heat your nail.

3. Turn off torch when you start to see a red nail.

4. Let nail cool off to less than 900°F, but preferably less than 750°F.

5. Put concentrate on nail with tool and start inhaling.

6. Carb cap if needed, mostly for lower temps or bigger dabs.

One of the difficult parts for some people is the inhale time. When you’re smoke a bowl of weed, the harder you inhale, the faster you get the smoke. However because of the nature of dabbing, the method is not the same. Your inhale time will depend mostly on the heat of your nail and the size of your dab. If you put half a gram on a 500°F nail, its going to take minutes to vape depending on the nail. If you’re looking to consume a larger dab at a lower temperature you are going to need to get good at long inhales. This will help you waste less of your concentrate and get higher from your wax. Just because you’re inhaling really hard on your dab rig, doesn’t mean you’re getting the dab faster.

How to Dab on an E-Nail

Using an E-Nail is similar to dabbing on a regular rig except you don’t need a torch. An E-Nail can be set to your desired dabbing temperature and it will stay there while powered on. Dabbing with an E-Nail can be easier and also help you manage your temps better. Also they are better for lowering waste when dabbing because it won’t cool off to where it can’t vaporize your dab anymore.

There are different types of electronic nails and most of them work with a titanium dab nail. It is recommended to use an attachment between your E-Nail and Dab Rig because constant heat can be bad for a joint. There are different types of drop-down attachments and adapters that can be a middle piece for your rig and preserve the glass.

How to Dab with a Vape Pen

how to dab with a vape penThere are many different types of dab pens available. Some come with pre-filled cartridges that you can just start inhaling out of the package. They make disposable vape pens that are very easy to use, but sometimes they lack in quality. Some require you to fill the cartridge with your own concentrate and are designed to be reused. I have seen these come in different sizes which can allow for basic or more advanced use. Most pens have a battery and an atomizer, but not all of these can be customized. Dab pens are great for on the go, but they will really lack in a smoke session with multiple people. However you may be able to find a larger pen that can handle a bigger smoke session.


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