How to get Medical Card Colorado | MMJ

The very first step in obtaining your medical marijuana card in Colorado is first to be a resident of the state. If you are in fact a Colorado state resident the next step is to find out if you qualify for a medical card. The way the law reads now is that for the following conditions you instantly qualify with no need for a doctors recommendation: Cancer, HIV, AIDS, and Glaucoma. For Cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea and severe pain you will need to visit a doctor for approval. If you have a condition or illness that requires a doctors note than you may start by making an appointment with your regular doctor and discussing the options with him or her. Although medical marijuana is healthier, safer, and cheaper, you may find that many doctors would much rather receive kickbacks and commissions for selling their pills that kill. If you find this to be the case there are much more qualified doctors in regards to medical marijuana who can evaluate your need for a medical card.

Red Card Clinics in Colorado:

*Aromas and Herbs – Go Green Cross LLC #719-930-1648

332 East Colorado Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80903

*Medical Alternatives Clinic #719-246-0393

4465 North Park Dr. #302 Colorado Springs, CO 80907

*Relaxed Clarity #719-645-5955

3133 North El Paso St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

*CannaQual #303-690-4882

6795 East Tennessee Ave #175  Denver, CO 80224

*Cohen Medical Centers #303-892-6436

276 Galapago St. Denver, CO 80223

*Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC #303-415-2096

3888 East Mexico Ave #136 Denver, CO 80210

*Colorado MMJ Directors #303-544-2127

1624 Market Street #202 Denver, CO 80202

*Doc Morrison #720-630-8999

2909 Sheridan Blvd. Wheat Ridge, CO 80214

*Herbal Health Systems #303-237-1223

4101 East Wesley Ave Denver, CO 80222

*Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors #720-477-4920

450 Lincoln Street Suite #104 Denver, CO 80203

*Red Card District #720-249-8985

2960 South Federal Blvd. #3 Denver, CO 80236


how to get medical card colorado springsIn my experience I used a Red Card Clinic in Colorado (Relaxed Clarity) and they made the entire process so much easier than what I have been reading online for how to do it on your own. It is my true opinion that for a painless process it is best to use a facility that can do the work for you. In my case I just made an appointment and was instructed to bring in a form of Colorado State ID, and $15 money order made out to CDPHE. If you don’t have a Colorado ID you’ll need to fill out a proof of residency form in its place. Upon entering the facility I was instructed to sign in and was given a application to fill out. After 15 or 20 minutes I was taken to the waiting room where I waited approximately 10 minutes before being seen by a doctor. I had a personalized session with the Dr. to determine if my conditions qualified me for a medical marijuana card. My chronic neck injury which causes severe and debilitating pain is a qualifying condition and I was prescribed medical marijuana to combat the painful spasms. After the appointment a clerk at Relaxed Clarity created an envelope to mail to the state for me which contained copies of my identification, my application, and a money order for $15 made out to CDPHE.

When you send off your application for your Medical Card you will have a copy of the original paperwork. You are legally allowed to shop at medical dispensaries with your application paperwork and the certified mail receipt showing you mailed your application. You have 35 days from the date on your certified mail receipt to shop with your temporary paperwork. With temporary paperwork you are limited to shopping Monday-Friday until 5pm. It should take about 30 days for you to receive your card so you shouldn’t see a gap in when you can shop.