Making Rosin Dabs – Solvent-less Extraction Method

Dabbing hit the stoner scene approximately 10 years ago and since then many different forms of concentrates have emerged. Smoking concentrates has been thought to have been smoked even thousands of years ago and as far back as 6000 BCE when the Chinese began using cannabis oil for food. Dabbing rapidly gained popularity in 2010 and now we have a new emerging form of solvent-less concentrates which is rosin. This extraction technique permits one to create ones very own top shelf hash oil safely within the confines of your home. The process is quite inexpensive and fairy simple to complete.

The most popular way dabs are created thus far is via the extraction process of the plants materials itself. This can be accomplished with the help of solvents (generally those solvents are butane and propane as they are cheaper to purchase and easier to locate.) The technique we are focusing on today will result in an unadulterated form of concentrated cannabis known as rosin. The procedure may have been traced back to a user of Instagram, @soilgrown. He is quoted saying, ” I was sitting in my garage pressing out some half melt [lower quality] hash to dab when I accidentally over pressed, separating the oil from the contaminant. Without even thinking about it, I rolled it all back together in a ball and repressed it. Months later, however, that experience inspired me to place a ball of hash inside a hair straightener and press as hard as I could. The oil separated again from the contaminant, but this time I collected the oil and dabbed it, finding it changed from a 3 star melt to a 6 star melt.” Rosin will be a more potent and untainted concentrate of the cannabis plants medicinal properties, resulting in a better and sweeter taste. Its a quicker way to getting to the high you want to achieve and the method is healthier than traditional forms of smoking. It can be made safely and very cheaply in just a few minutes of work.
Can a hair straightener really deliver bigger and better yields than an expensive closed loop extraction system? Yes! Many stoners are making their own at home with a straightener or some have even graduated to a larger yield from a t-shirt press. Both of theses tools can be purchased on Amazon and there is one in everyone’s budget. The recommended temperature is 300 degrees Fahrenheit with two, ten second presses. The heat will melt the glandular trichome domes off of the base material. With one gram of bud you will get a 7 to 10% return from your product which are quite fair yields on dab-able products. All you need now is a hair straightener or t-shirt press and parchment paper and you are ready to go. There are a few options to make rosin dabs below you may want to check out.

CHI Hair Straightener

hair-straightener rosin dabs

Moroccan Hit Hair Straightener


Francierstudio T-Shirt Press









Premium Quilon Parchment Paper