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Using silicone containers is a great way to store your marijuana concentrates. Finding the best silicone container for the job can depend on how much or how many you want to store. Another reason silicone containers are great because they are non-stick, heat and cold resistant, and easy to clean.

5 Stars

Silicone Variety Pack

5ml, 10ml, 22ml

Great options

4.5 Stars

Silicone  "dab" stand

5ml + 5ml

multi- function

4 Stars

Hexagon Silicone Jar


nice large size


Best Silicone Containers

Silicone Jar Variety Pack

best wax containersThis silicone jar variety pack by Dab Star is great for anyone who likes to have a few different concentrates on hand. Because it comes with 3 different sizes 5ml, 10ml, and 22ml, you can hold a good amount. The medium size container has 2 compartments and the lid is attached so its harder to lose.

Another reason this set is good is the small container easily holds a gram which is usually the smallest increment you get. Also the large container can hold quite a bit if you get a larger amount of concentrate.

Design: 5 Stars

Value: 4.5 Stars

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Silicone “dab” Stand

dab stand dab toolsThis silicone “dab” stand is a unique multi function dab accessory that works really well. It can easily hold some smaller containers in place or simply hold some concentrates. You can use the silicone dab stand to rest a dab tool or hold a carb cap to keep those off other surfaces.

Also this dab stand can attach to some size glass rigs and hold your concentrates closer to the nail. Probably the most unique thing about this stand is it spells the word “dab” which most stoners will enjoy.

Design: 4.5 Stars

Value: 4.5 Stars

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Hexagon Silicone Container

best silicone containers for dabsFirst of all this 26ml dab jar can hold a lot of wax. This is one of the best silicone containers I have used and it is great for holding several grams. This container comes in a cool blue and white design with a honeycomb print and bee on the top.

Also this container is nonstick as well as freeze and heat resistant. You can take some gooier wax and toss it in the freezer and you wont need to worry about your container becoming damaged. Furthermore this silicone container comes at a great price.

Design: 4 Stars

Value: 4.5 Stars

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Two-Comparment Silicone Containers

best wax containers for dabsThese two compartment dab containers are great because they can easily hold a couple grams and keep them separate if you need. Also you can get these in a two or four pack but I think its a better deal to get more.

Another reason these containers are great is the size, 10ml means two 5ml compartments for concentrates. Also the lid is attached so its harder to lose which will be nice for some people. Lastly these containers come in some cool looking color designs, if you’re looking for something with a divider.

Design: 4 Stars

Value: 4.5 Stars

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420 Science Wax Wallet

best silicone dab containerThe Wax Wallet is a pretty nifty design for a silicone container. It has a plastic shell that keeps it all together. It folds like a clams shell and is good for holding a gram or so. Also you can get the Wax Wallet by 420 Science in a few different colors.

Another reason this is cool is the design, it looks cooler than most silicone containers. I would say the only negative about this is the plastic is not heat resistant or nonstick so it can be damaged. However if you take good care if it, this is one of the best silicone container designs for dabs.

Design: 4 Stars

Value: 4 Stars

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Do I need to use Silicone Containers for Dabs?

First of all there are many different ways to store your dabs like wax paper, glass jars, sometimes even plastic is used. However unless you’re using something nonstick you will run the risk of your concentrate going to waste. Also if you bought a gram and it came in a plastic container there isn’t much you can do, but more often it will come in wax paper. If you want to learn more about dabbing check out our extensive Guide to Marijuana Concentrates.

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